29 Sep

SAP TAO Connectivity

Just a couple of things I’ve picked up along the way connectivity-wise with TAO, particularly when in a project stage of flux as we copy clients back from Production to Test and upgrade/reinstall TAO.

SAP TAO connects to SAP in two ways: with the Solution Manager system to check and confirm the license, and with the managed system SAP server for inspection, test setup and execution:

SAP TAO Communication Channels1

License setup:
If the Configuration dialog doesn’t pop up automatically on first login to TAO, select it through the hyperlink at the top right of the application screen.
Follow the setup through the tabs using the TAO Admin Guide.
For the License tab, select your correct instance of Solution Manager by selecting the correct system and entering the Client, User and Password details. Select “Test SAP Connection” to check that you can connect to the instance of SolMan. If successful, select “Check for License” to allow TAO to verify the license.

Connecting to Managed System:
In the main screen of SAP TAO select Connect from the right hand navigation menu bar. Select the SAP Managed System, enter the Client, User and Password information, and select “Test SAP Connection”. If successful you will receive the message “Can connect to system xxx”.

Connection Issues:
You may receive an error message such as “Connection status to back end system is: NotConnected. RFC Error Connect to message server failed”.
The SAP system generates technical users for the RFC connections between SAP TAO, Solution Manager, and the managed system. The role required by the user which is connected to SAP Solution Manager from SAP TAO is SAP_SM_TAO_RFC and the role required for the user connected to the managed system from SAP TAO is SAP_TAO_AGENT_RFC (please note additional roles are required for TBOM creation).
To verify that these roles exist in the target systems, use transaction SE16N and select the table name AGR_1251. In the resulting selection search for AGR_NAME SAP_SM_TAO_RFC in Solution Manager, and SAP_TAO_AGENT_RFC in the managed system(s).