21 Dec

SAP Regression Testing

During your SAP implementation the test manager should be thinking a fair bit about regression testing. It’s reasonable to assume that there will be some changes to your system in the future, as a result of:

  • rollouts to additional parts of the business
  • change requests and incident fixes
  • service packs and upgrades

In order to ensure the existing system is not impacted by these changes you’ll need an effective regression testing strategy. For the purposes of this blog post we’ll assume that you know how to create an effective test strategy in a general sense, and also that you are aware of the purpose of regression testing and that it is necessary in your system (in other words, that a charter for setting up a regression test project exists).
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12 Mar

A Saga of Virtuality

Day One:

I’ve got two laptops, a 5 year old Dell with Windows 7 (a solid work machine) and a much older Dell that’s still running Windows XP. I’d get rid of the XP machine except it has a test server on it that only runs on XP.

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14 Feb

Navigating and Driving

I first heard the terms Navigating and Driving in relation to testing back in 2011. The context of the discussion was around one of the perennial challenges in SAP test management, particularly for user acceptance testing – how are the business users expected to test and “accept” the system when they haven’t been trained on it?

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29 Sep

Installing QTP and SAP TAO

We’ve been through a number of changes and upgrades in our systems over the years, with SAP TAO being upgraded, HP QC moving up to HP ALM, and within our business we’ve upgraded from XP to Windows 7 (and now soon to Windows 10).

Along the way I’ve needed to uninstall and reinstall TAO and QTP several times, and this checklist has been helpful to follow the installation path:

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21 Jun

Mindmaps in SAP Test Planning

I find mindmaps an awesome way to visualise and document ideas.  There’s a whole page dedicated to listing out the various ways that mindmaps can be used in general testing on the Ministry of Testing website here, but I thought I’d share a few of the ways that I use mindmaps in SAP test planning and preparation.

I use XMind as my application of choice (the free version has the features I need and it’s very user-friendly).

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19 Jun

Data Migration for SAP

In most projects test data is obtained from a dedicated data migration team, extracting from legacy systems, transforming to SAP fields, and loading into SAP.

Christian Bergeron (http://christian.bergeron.voila.net/EN.htm) has written a great guide to planning and executing SAP Data Migration, and while most SAP Test Managers won’t need to get their hands dirty in the actual ETL process, it’s important to know and understand the data migration process for a number of reasons:

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