21 Dec

SAP Regression Testing

During your SAP implementation the test manager should be thinking a fair bit about regression testing. It’s reasonable to assume that there will be some changes to your system in the future, as a result of:

  • rollouts to additional parts of the business
  • change requests and incident fixes
  • service packs and upgrades

In order to ensure the existing system is not impacted by these changes you’ll need an effective regression testing strategy. For the purposes of this blog post we’ll assume that you know how to create an effective test strategy in a general sense, and also that you are aware of the purpose of regression testing and that it is necessary in your system (in other words, that a charter for setting up a regression test project exists).
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27 Mar

Five Tips for Test Management With Distributed Teams

It’s a bit of a clickbait title. Sorry about that.

Most of my work deals with distributed teams. The project team tends to be located in a central location (or at least in one or two buildings), while the testers tend to be located elsewhere: either as part of an offshore model, or simply located in the factories, warehouses, and offices of the client.

Managing a distributed team has it’s own challenges, and these are my top five tips for managing distributed teams in a test project:

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