27 Mar

Five Tips for Test Management With Distributed Teams

It’s a bit of a clickbait title. Sorry about that.

Most of my work deals with distributed teams. The project team tends to be located in a central location (or at least in one or two buildings), while the testers tend to be located elsewhere: either as part of an offshore model, or simply located in the factories, warehouses, and offices of the client.

Managing a distributed team has it’s own challenges, and these are my top five tips for managing distributed teams in a test project:

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12 Mar

A Saga of Virtuality

Day One:

I’ve got two laptops, a 5 year old Dell with Windows 7 (a solid work machine) and a much older Dell that’s still running Windows XP. I’d get rid of the XP machine except it has a test server on it that only runs on XP.

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